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Marilena Merakou

PhD Candidate


Contact Details

Address: Office 88, NTUA Campus, Iroon Polytechniou 5, GR-15773 Athens, Greece.
Email: marilenamerakou@mail.ntua.gr
Phone: (+30) 210 772 1205
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Marilena Merakou is a Ph.D. Student and Research Associate at the Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). Since 2022, she holds a Diploma in Civil Engineering from NTUA, specializing in Transportation Engineering. In her Diploma Thesis she got involved in the analysis and processing of data, through mathematical and statistical models.

She is currently preparing her Ph.D. Thesis entitled: “Electrification in Public Transport and the impact on Quality and Efficiency” under the supervision of Assistant Professor Dr. Konstantinos Gkiotsalitis.

Professional Experience
  • 2023-current: Research Associate, Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering, School of Civil Engineering, National Technical University of Athens.
  • Jan. 2023-Oct. 2023: Civil Engineer, ΜΣΜ Consulting, Athens, Greece.
  • MEng (5-year diploma) in Civil Engineering, National Technical University of Athens.
  1. SUM European Commission – H2020, Innovation Action, National Technical University of Athens, 2023-2026.


Engineering Areas

#Public Transport
#Demand Prediction
#Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
#Transport modeling
#Transport planning


#Traffic Simulation
#Data collection and analysis
#Computer Programming
#Mathematical Optimization

Social Sciences

#Mobility as a Service
#Accessibility and Equity in Transport
#Public Transport