Railways and Transport Laboratory


The Railways and Transport Laboratory has a dynamic team of 1 Faculty Member, 4 Professors Emeriti, 3 Senior Researchers and Teaching Staff Members, 10 PhD Candidates and 1 Technical Staff Member.

Faculty Members

Professors Emeriti

Dr Athanasios Ballis
Former Professor

Freight Terminals and Systems for Freight Transport


+30 210 772 1235

Dr Antony Stathopoulos
Professor Emeritus

Transport Systems Planning


+30 210 772 1288

Dr Paraskevi Psaraki-Kalouptsidi
Professor Emerita

Airport Systems Planning


+30 210 772 1204

Dr Constantinos Abacoumkin
Professor Emeritus

Transport Systems and Infrastructure

Teaching Staff Members and Senior Researchers

PhD Candidates

Styliani Papagianni
PhD Candidate

Impacts on the Demand for On-Road Public Transport as a result of Urban Network Design Optimization


+30 210 772 1723

Georgios Kasselouris
PhD Candidate

Transport optimization of agricultural products supply chain


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Technical Staff

Former Professors and Teaching Staff

Dr Dimitrios Tsamboulas
Former Professor (1950 – 2014)

Evaluation of Transport Infrastructure

Dr Matthew Karlaftis
Former Associate Professor (1969 – 2014)

Analysis and Planning of Transport Systems

Dr Konstantinos Liberis
Former Assistant Professor

Planning and Operation of Railway Infrastructure

Dr Fotios Mertzanis
Former Teaching Assistance Member

Contribution to the Investigation of Stopping Sight Distance in three-dimensional space